I will be using this blog to "inform" about some of my projects in electronics, programming and IOT-stuff.

I have lately been using both Raspberry Pico- and AtMega32U4-boards. They have one thing in common; Lack of Ethernet...
What then: ESP-01 with AT-firmware to the rescue!
In order to do some testing on the AT-command interface I wrote a small Windows-based communication program - source is at GitHub
And, yes; I know the ESP-01 could do the processing using Espressif SDK or Arduino, but this is all about access to I/O-pins.
During Q2/2021 I guess that Pico-chip will be implemented on a developer board with WiFi-support (either Arduino themself or Adafruit).

After having subscribed for my electricity from Hafslund for the last 30+ years I decided for a change and went for Tibber.
I found this to be a company with more target on the hobby electronics/house automation people and also a price profile in the lower range (I hope).

More than a year ago I build my own monitor for electricity consumption as Norway switched to new Electricity Meter with a monitor output (HAN-port)
You may find some information here and here.

This unit has now been replaced with a Tibber Pulse.
My old solution provided data for my Home Assistant installation based on MQTT. Tibber Pulse is a Cloud based product and I had to do some reprogramming.
I'm now using HASS to fetch a couple of objects (current price and consumption) and then let Node-Red do the MQTT publishing for my small "things" using this information. These "things" are primarily based on Wemos D1 and OLED displays.