I am a retired network/electronics person living in Oslo.

Started my working career at Rikshospitalet's IT-department around 1980. They where then located at Pilestredet in the center of Oslo.

Four of us working at the IT department later started a consultant company, Unison AS. This gave me the opportunity to work at a long range of companies - doing both programming and network related tasks.
On this list was for instance Telenor, Norsk Hydro, Wilhelmsen, Nycomed, Fürst Medical Laboratory, Kværner and TeleMedia in Holland.

In the late 1990's we got acquired by Visma AS. The primary target for Visma (aside the high quality of the employees...) was our datacenter operation that we started in the early 1990's.

At the same time as I took part in starting Unison AS, I also took part in building another company: Radiocompaniet AS. The three of us funding this company initially met at the interest group called Radioklubben - this was a small group of radio amateurs and electronic interested people at the University of Oslo with a small lab at Kringsjå studentby in Oslo.
The company was funded at the same time as the Norwegian Government released the "air waves" for non-state based broadcasting.

Our first product was a solution for Telenor - they were responsible for the actual transmission on the FM-band. Our solution gave the new small "radio stations" access to an audio switch in the Telenor network (using dedicated copper lines) that sent the signal to the FM transmitter.
This solution was implemented in all of the larger cities in Norway.

Later on we also developed a small unit for the cabel TV marked, the Alco-killer. These were the days when the Norwegian Government did not allow advertising for alcohol on the new broadcast channels distributed in Norway (primarily UK-based).
Our little box was placed in the transmission line at the many cable TV providers blocking alcohol advertisements from reaching the subscribers.

Since retiring from Visma IT in 2017 I have dedicated my time for electronics/programming and volunteer work (Oslo Jazzfestival and Nordstrand Kulturarena).

Some of my project you may find at GitHub.


You may reach me on email at roar.almas<at>