Raspberry Pi Hat: Audio/Display


A Hat with several options:
  • Display; either a colour TFT (80x160) or a OLED (SSD1306 - 128x64)
  • 3 buttons
  • 2 LED's
  • A MOSFET driver for use with external Fan, Relay or other stuff...
  • I2S-based microphone (INMP441)
  • I2S-based amplifier (MAX98357A)
  • Breakout of serial port
  • Breakout of I2C
  • Breakout of 5V (use for output or powering of RPi)


All components on the Hat are powered using a dedicated onboard 3.3V regulator

The top connector shown in the picture is used for normal "Hat"-installation on top of the RPi. The front connector may be equipped with a 90-degree connector for mounting on a Argon-chassie (this connector is having pin #1 at the back right position).

Since the Argon chassie is "blocking" some I/O-pins, these pin's have not been used: Pin #7 (GPIO4) is used for the power button, Pin #15 (GPIO22) is used for ??? and Pin #16 (GPIO23) is used for the IR-receiver.

I/O pin usage

UsageGPIOPin PinGPIOUsage
not used+3.3V1 2+5VTo 3.3V regulator
SDAGPIO23 4+5VTo 3.3V regulator